Your privacy is important and we believe that it should be protected. This policy tells you how we will use the information you provide to the home estate agents website and how you can have control over this. By using the home estate agents website and its essential services, you are agreeing to the policy so please read it carefully.

In most circumstances the information collected about you will be used for the following:

  • To improve the features on the home estate agents website and the services we offer.
  • To help us improve the personalised service we offer.
  • To enable you to benefit from relevant third party services.
  • To support our marketing and promotion activity.
  • Who we are

    'We' are home estate agents, 31 Tavistock Street, Bedford, MK40 2RB.

    Personal information

    When you signup with the home estate agents website or opt to utilise any of the services offered on the site you will be asked to disclose some personal information. This could include your name, email address, telephone number and nature of your enquiry. In addition to this we also reserve the right to record information concerning how you use this site. This could include making a note of the pages you view, the property searches you conduct, the services you use and the agents you contact. The information we collect will be used to enhance our offering in order to provide you with a more personalised and effective experience. We may contact you from time to time to inform you of important developments with regard to the home estate agents website. Additionally if you have provided your consent we may also contact you to let you know about any services or promotions we think may be of interest to you. You have a right to access the information that we hold about you. To obtain a copy of this information, contact home estate agents at the address above.

    Contacting us about our properties or services

    If you wish to contact us about any of the services offered via the home estate agents website you will be asked to complete a short form.

    Signing up with the home estate agents website

    By signing up with the home estate agents website we will be able to enhance the service we offer you.

    Who can access your information?

    We reserve the right to retain access to the personal information we have gathered from you. If you have provided the relevant consent, we may from time to time choose to pass your information on to third parties outside of home estate agents.

    If you subsequently change your mind about being contacted by these third parties please contact home estate agents at the address above.

    Use of cookies

    As is the case with other websites we use 'cookies' to track usage of the home estate agents website.

    Cookies are small text strings websites can send to your browser to help enhance your visit to the website. They cannot pass on computer viruses, retrieve other data from your computer's hard drive or capture your email address. Generally, cookies can be used to securely store a user's ID and password, personalize web pages, identify visited parts of a site and keep track of user's selections. The home estate agents website uses cookies to keep track of your property search preferences and we may use cookies so we can provide you personalised information based on preferences you've indicated while using our website. If you signup with the home estate agents website cookies are essential for personalising your website experience.

    You have the option to prevent the use of cookies on your PC but please be aware disabling cookies will limit the functionality we can offer at the home estate agents website. To find out more about setting your cookie preferences visit the website appropriate to your own browser.


    At the home estate agents website we adhere to robust security procedures. home estate agents, and therefore the home estate agents website is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. As such, we follow strict security procedures to ensure that your personal information is not damaged, destroyed, or disclosed to a third party without your permission and to prevent unauthorised access to it.

    The information you provide to us is kept in a secure data warehouse with restricted access. We also use a number of measures to ensure electronic access is protected and our systems can't be exploited. When working with third parties we insist they have secure measures in place to protect your information. Use of the personal information collected from you is restricted to our employees and appropriate third party employees. Employees will only use this information if they need it to perform a specific and relevant task.

    We retain your personal details for as long as is required by the relevant law.

    If you have any questions or comments about the way we use your personal information or our privacy policy, please contact home estate agents at the address above.